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Specializing in the molds,
tooling, jigs, fixturing and
custom machinery


The synergy of advanced technology, experienced professionals and efficient high quality materials makes ACCUCUT the leader in the steel servicing sector.

ACCUCUT provides profile cutting of carbon and alloy steel plate in a strict accordance with customers’ requirements. ACCUCUT uses CNC oxygen burning machines and high-definition plasma cutting machines. Our high-definition machines allow us to produce clean and precise cuts comparing to the standard plasma cutting system.

The flame cutting technology allows us to cut from metal sheets ranging from ¼” to 25” in thickness, our plasma cutting machines have the cutting capacity up to 0.75” thick. The flame cutting technology allows ACCUCUT to deliver excellent quality product with sharp edge, flat and even surfaces. Cutting on plasma machines can be processed quickly and accurately with attention to the drawing specifications and details for both simple and sophisticated designs.

Our equipment park includes the following machines: • 11 cutting machines, equipped with 6 torches per machine. Cutting capacity: 144″ wide x 600″ long. • 3 cutting machines, dedicated to heavy plate burning. Equipped with 8 torches per machine. Cutting capacity: 156″ wide x 300″ long. • 2 high-definition plasma cutting machines. Cutting capacity: Up to 0.75″ thick The flame-cut process can be performed on the following grades, ranging in thickness from 1/4″ to 25″: • A36 • A36/44W (dual) • AR400 • 44W or 300W • 4140 • C1045 • ST52-3 • 516-G70 • 50W or A572-G50 • QT1OO/CHT100/A514